My brother… Oh brother!

As all of you must have gathered from Raj’s blog, I am raj’s sister. I am so thankful to him for helping me with my own blog site. I am not a technology geek, but a science nerd. However, we all know that in this day and age the mix of the two is a great asset to have to go places, especially in my field. I have been bothering him all day yesterday and today to get this site of mine up and running. And he has been so patient with me. Who would have thought that my bro’ and me would collaborate and cooperate on anything! We were quite the Tom and Jerry in our younger years. Thanks Raj for trying to inculcate an appreciation for technology in me.

One Response to “My brother… Oh brother!”

  1. VVVV Says:

    Hey Krith - Good luck on your Scientific and Life’s journey.